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Our Kava

We have been very specific in sourcing noble kava for the Australian market. This means that our kava:

  • Meets Australian and New Zealand food safety standards
  • Is processed in a HACCP food facility 
  • All lab tested and certified

To maintain quality and taste, post harvest, our noble kava is delivered to the processing facility, where it is processed and packaged with-in 24 hours, promising optimum kavalactone content and freshness. 

Here is a snapshot of the quality control taken in Vanuatu by our supplier to ensure only the highest quality of kava is exported to us. 


ULTRA high performance liquid chromatography that lets us identify the different levels of kavalactones in every sample. It’s extremely accurate and is a better, clean method of identifying phenotype, chemotype, purity & strength of a kava sample than HPLC (the current standard).

02. QAC

Qualitative acetone colourimetry test whether a kava sample is noble or tudei and can also check for adulteration of noble kava with tudei, based on Lebot’s 2016 scientific paper. We use acetone in combination with a spectrophotometer to accurately define a kava sample’s genetic heritage.


Total plate count, coliforms, listeria, salmonella, yeast and mould etc., to ensure all Forney Enterprises products are within allowable food limits. Our new processing facility will be able to make the product pharmaceutical grade for both US and Australia without compromising the quality of the kava.


We are a proud distributor for Forney Enterprise Kava.