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Instant Kava Powder
Instant Kava Powder
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Instant Kava Powder

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Single Cultivar Instant Kava Blend.

Easy to drink and quick to prepare for a gentle but strong, and relaxing effect.

Made from dehydrated juice, from selected noble cultivars, this is for those consumers that don't have the time or the patience to prepare the traditional powder. 


Island of Origin: Espiritu Santo + surrounding islands, Vanuatu
Average Laterals to Stump Ratio: 40:60
Average Chemotype: 421365
Processing: Fully washed and peeled. Water extracted from fresh (green) roots, finely filtered and dried in a temperature-controlled dehydrator.
Effects: Slightly cerebral/heady, subtly euphoric/uplifting, relatively fast onset with short life.
Flavour profile: Balanced between smooth/creamy and bitter/peppery with notes of spices, black pepper and dark chocolate.

This is NOT micronised kava


The name 'Jif' is the Bislama (local language) word for 'Chief'.

We are a proud distributor for Forney Enterprise Kava Vanuatu