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Kelai Single Cultivar
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Kelai Single Cultivar

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A famed cultivar known for its remarkably uplifting qualities. This potent, quick-acting kava offers a pleasant and mentally invigorating experience, with a mildly flavored blend of smooth cashew notes and a hint of lively warmth. Ideal for peacefully unwinding after a busy day and enjoying a laid-back social environment.

Flavour profile: Smooth and creamy with notes of dark chocolate, ripe bananas and almonds.

Island of Origin: Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
Average Laterals to Stump Ratio: 30-70
Typical Chemotype: 421365
Processing: Fully washed and peeled. Dried in a temperature-controlled dehydrator.
Effects: Very cerebral/heady, euphoric/uplifting, quick onset with short life.

"Don't forget a straining bag."

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