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Melo Melo Single Cultivar
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Melo Melo Single Cultivar

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True to its name, the Melo Melo cultivar is renowned for inducing a delightful sense of calmness. This well-rounded, bittersweet, and creamy variety unfolds slowly, offering a pleasantly warm experience. Perfect for leisurely late afternoons, unhurried conversations, and gentle relaxation of the body.

Flavour profile: Balance of smooth/creamy and bitter/peppery with notes of black pepper, wood and toasted malt.

Island of Origin: Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Average Laterals to Stump Ratio: 30-70
Typical Chemotype: 243156
Processing: Fully washed and peeled. Dried in a temperature-controlled dehydrator.
Effects: Balanced between cerebral/muscle melting, blend of euphoric and mellow, mid-speed onset and mid-range lifespan.

"Don't forget a straining bag."

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